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About a year ago I purchased my very first laptop. This laptop was a HP zv6270us with an AMD processor and an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m chipset. Over the course of time I found that this chipset is heavily flawed in terms of OpenGL performance… which is to say it has none. I created this blog to help get the word out to current owners of laptops with this chipset and also potential buyers of laptops of this shortcoming with this ATI chipset.

If you are browsing the net looking for answers as to why your laptop sucks with OpenGL-based programs such as Adobe After Effects, the KOTOR series of games, Quake, and even a Opengl-based OS such as Ubuntu (or any other Linux variant) look no further. You will find plenty of information here explaining the problem.

If you are browsing the net looking to buy a laptop with this chipset I offer you a word of warning. These chipsets are VERY limited in OpenGL applications so think carefully prior to making your purchase decision. If you plan on gaming at all with any OpenGL-based games or apps, move on and go with a GeForce 6100 or 6150 as these are much better Integrated Graphics chips than the ATI offerings. Or better yet, get a laptop with a dedicated graphics card… it’ll just cost more $$$

The chipsets affected are: xpress 200, xpress 200m, xpress 1100, xpress 1100m

As for the author, my name is Spencer Leifheit and I am a Systems Administrator for a Beverage Manufacturing facility in Tucson, Arizona. I have over thirteen years expereince in Systems Building, Networking, and Systems Architechture – which is where my abilities tend to shine in.


44 Responses to About this page and author

  1. Stefano says:

    I have the same problem on an Acer 5102WLMI.
    I don’t know in which way I can force Acer to release a good BIOS for this laptop…

  2. ragedookie says:

    I started to reply to your post, but it turned out to be so long I decided to make it a new post all by itself… hope it gives you some insight.

  3. Ahmed Faraz says:

    Revert back to the original first ever release drivers for the chipset preferably the particular manufacturer (like Acer) and not ATI’s drivers.
    You could also try using the ATI tray tools instead of Catalyst program to save memory and startup time!!!

  4. Dan says:

    I think this site has pretty good visibility for me to ask this question. For the people afflicted by this issue, does your laptop/motherboard have sideport video ram? (as in, does the gpu in question have ram dedicated to it?) If so, can you turn sideport off, and does the problem go away?

    I ask this because the open r300/r4xx drivers have problems with 200m using sideport, but not with UMA, and I’m pretty sure this is true for fglrx as well.

    I have a xpress 200m UMA only, and it is not afflicted by this particular problem.

  5. steve "asskickery" says:

    i bought my compaq presario back in feb 06 and it still has the xpress 200 card in it and i cant play kotor either. i called lucas arts and they said my pc was way to old and to get a new one. i just about laughed when that jerk told me that. btw i have a desktop. 1024 for ram 100gb hard drive 2 ghz processor.

  6. Pablo Sanchez says:

    Please, install the driver provided on your notebook drivers CD. By default, vendors use the one provided by microsoft with windows, which sucks. It’s not an ATI problem, it’s a M$ problem.

    Here I play Doom 3 and Halflife 2 using 1280×768 resolution without problems, and my notebook is a celeron 1.46 with 768mb of ram, using shared memory for video card, so… you can figure out the difference I had.

  7. Mercadder says:

    I want to upgrade my zv6000 to 1 or 2 Gb ram. I saw in the Notebookanalysis.com forum (whic is shutdown) that somebody upgrade ram using 3200, not 2700 which is the “official” from HP. Can you help me with this?

    Thank you

  8. Ironically also in Tucson, Arizona. Radeon Xpress 200m inside a Presario v2321us with a Turion processor. I can’t even run BZFlag for gosh sakes. I’ll try the OEM drivers next, but this is annoying. Thanks for putting this stuff up.

  9. Jamie Witter says:

    Pablo Sanchez its a problem with the hardware. Not the drivers.

    Even in Linux open gl support sucks.

    ATI really screwed us over.

  10. Mirko says:

    My friend sold me his Presario V5000 for $400, almost untouched. I went for it only because my Gateway 7422GX’s video memory had fried and didn’t have much money to spend on a better rig.

    I just installed Europa Universalis III just crawls. Could you give me some advice on how to find out if my particular card’s OpenGL is defective? I’ve been looking for benchmark apps but they only oast their DirectX benchmarking, which I know this card would pass.

  11. Robin says:

    I have an HP dv8000 with the xpress 200m. I have tried everything to get OpenGL to work. I have tried all of the newest drivers, I have tried allocating 128MB UMA, etc.. and nothing has changed. I recently called HP and they say, and I quote “We don’t support this”… and contacting ATI I get the same bloody response. Who the f*** does support it? I anyone has any insights I’d love to know. Thanks

  12. netsurf says:

    the chip doesnt seem to bad for me. a little b elow that of a fx5200 plays tremulous fine, but ut2004 is a no no

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  32. […] If you have an ATi Xpress 200, Xpress 200m, Xpress 1100, or Xpress 1100m graphics card affected by the OpenGL firmware bug, this is for you. I stumbled across it randomly; it’s called GLDirect. It converts system […]

  33. Thomas Leifheit says:

    I came to your website by accident. I didn’t know you had one.Uncle Tom

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