HP zv6000 owners unite

There is a website located at the following address. http://www.notebookanalysis.com

It is specifically dedicated to the HP Pavilion dv6000 series and it’s compaq equivalent, the R4000 series. I urge anyone who owns these (or other HP/Compaq models) who suffer this issue to join up. At some point soon a petition will be started. I am currently shopping my technical findings to as “reputable” of a source as I can. I have even debated sending my findings off to Tom’s Hardware to see if maybe they’ll bite on it.


4 Responses to HP zv6000 owners unite

  1. Paul Erdman says:

    I cannot access the link, it says the domain expired. Do you have any more info on this article, as I have just ordered a dv6101eu.

  2. ragedookie says:

    As of the beginning of October the domain “www.notebookanalysis” has been allowed to expire. I am not sure why other than the person who owned it must’ve not felt like keeping it going any longer.

    It is a shame though, as I used their forums with regularity.

  3. ryan says:

    if anyone can get in touch with the owner, that might be helpful. there was a wealth of information there that i would really like to have some sort of access to. would it be possible to locally save the archived forums somehow??

  4. M Mihyar says:

    I purchased my zv6008 a while back. I hardly used it because I am on my DELL desktop all the time. When I needed my hp zv6008 it started with blue screen errors and I have replaced the RAM and hard drive and reintstalled the OS but the problem persisted and now it would not boot. hp suggested I kill the disk and replace the RAM but that did not help one bit. recently They asked me to take it to the shop. I told them I am not going to spend $400 to fix a piece of junk when I can buy a better one for the same price.

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