Status Update

Here are a few updates as to what has been going on with my attempt at getting the OpenGL/Xpress 200m issue resolved.

1) It is my theory that it is a Video Firmware Issue. I am still awaiting some confirmation as to my findings, but most people I have submitted my test data to are in agreement.

2) HP, for the most part, is ignoring my repeated trouble ticket submissions.

 Here are the driver sets that I’ve used:

ATI Catalyst 5.5 through 6.1, when ATI dropped Xpress 200m support

HP driver for zv6000, old and new — new being 11/2005

Omega Drivers

Zeropoint Drivers

DNA Drivers

Catalyst 6.8 drivers (ATI re-added support for the Xpress 200m with this release)


6 Responses to Status Update

  1. farmas says:

    I am struggling with the exact same problem with a laptop. HP is also ignoring my ticket 😦

  2. B Gibbs says:

    I have been e-mailing tech support back and forth for 2 days now after I read your article. I was trying to play KOTOR on my laptop when I found your article and immediately became pissed. I keep getting bull**** answers when HP responds such as “Did you try installing these drivers from our HP website” and other responses. I will hopefully get through to a “higher power” and be able to start over again with more run arounds. If you would like copies of my correspondance I could e-mail them to you if they may help. I think a joint E-mail signed by alot of owners of laptops who suffer this problem might go a long way to showing them we are serious about getting this problem solved… if only I could get my $1400+ back I could buy a Dell…

  3. B Gibbs says:

    I should also point out that I have the zv6270us as well, and have also tried the omega drivers, etc. to no avail.

  4. G NIL says:

    Keep it up man! maybe someday I’ll get what I payed for out of my zv6000

  5. J Corn says:

    Got the same exact problem w/ a ze2000 notebook. Why do they not just write an upadated bios for the other MB’s experiencing this same problem? There must be something I’m not understanding… I was tempted to TRY that d/l you gave in your blog, but considering my model is not on the list of supported MB’s, I guess I would probably just be causing more problems than I would be fixing

  6. ragedookie says:

    don’t do it man.

    I’ve heard that if you try that bios it will hard lock in mid-flash and you will effectively “brick” your lappy.

    one more time…. don’t do it man.

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