Support Ticket opened with ATI on 200m OpenGL issues

Here is the text of what I sent. The ticket# is  #737-1069786

I purchased an HP laptop back in November of last year that has the ati radeon xpress 200m graphics IGP chip with 128MB of dedicated (sideport) video memory. A friend of mine has a laptop with an integrated intel gfx chip, which supposedly is not even 1/2 of what the 200m is and he can play KOTOR and other OpenGL games such as Quake4 just fine.. albeit on lower settings. As with everyone else who has this problem with the 200m, my laptop plays these (OpenGL) games at about 1-4 fps. The character models are very distorted (blacked out eyes, real jagged edges)… , just plays like absolute doodoo. I have tried everything… omega drivers, old drivers, new drivers… nada so far.

LucasArts says they do not “officially” support the 200m because it didn’t exist at the time of release. Neither was the x1900xt, but it runs KOTOR1&2 just fine. I don’t believe supportability by lucasarts to be the problem.

At this point, apparently ATI does not support this model anymore either. The newest CCC does not recognize the 200m, nor do the IGP/Mobo drivers. Please understand that very few manufacturers release drivers for their products beyond the initial release… due to the average (very short) life cylce of a laptop model.

Here is what I’ve researched:

In terms of testing theory on this being a OpenGL driver support issue here is a bit of information to substanciate what I’ve theorized.

In addition to KOTOR 1&2 not running right, I downloaded and installed the Quake4 demo on my laptop and tried it out. Needless to say I did not get very far. It plays about exactly like KOTOR does, which is somewhere in the range of 1-4 frames per second. Another test I did, was use OpenGL while watching a raw video in Adobe After Effects. It just remained stuck on the first frame. I then looked about the internet for a freeware OpenGL benchmarking program… found and downloaded a couple with the same type of result. Stuttering, at or around 1-4 frames per second during certain tests…overall just very piss poor performance.

Before you dismiss this as a hardware issue know that in terms of DirectX performance, this card does fairly well. I play FF11, WoW, and AOE3 fairly regularly on this laptop and although the performance is not great — it is more than playable. Unlike anything that uses OpenGL.

Here are my laptop specs:
HP Pavilion zv6270us
Athlon64 3500+ 1GB ddr333 128MB dedicated video on Xpress 200m 100GB Hard Disk

A side note:
There are several, and I mean *several* threads on the internet pertaining to the 200m and OpenGL issues. One only needs to google on “xpress 200m” and then kotor, opengl, after effects. Here is a link to one such forum…

Please do not respond with “the 200m is not a gaming card”, I already know this. However, at the time (2005) if you wanted an AMD-based laptop the Xpress 200m was the *only* choice in the retail sector.

I would be more than happy to provide any and all benchmarking results and/or system specs if they would be of help to you. Attached is the log from a freeware opengl benchmark called oglbench. At times the frame rate dropped as low as .44 fps. That’s insane!


7 Responses to Support Ticket opened with ATI on 200m OpenGL issues

  1. K says:

    Just had this problem on an HP myself last night. After playing, successfully, FEAR, the system couldn’t even begin to handle KOTOR 2. Having heard FEAR is tough for many syustems, I was surprised by this.

  2. Pablo Sanchez says:

    Please, install the driver provided on your notebook drivers CD. By default, vendors use the one provided by microsoft with windows, which sucks. It’s not an ATI problem, it’s a M$ problem.

    Here I play Doom 3 and Halflife 2 using 1280×768 resolution without problems, and my notebook is a celeron 1.46 with 768mb of ram, using shared memory for video card, so… you can figure out the difference I had.

  3. GenAris says:

    Hi, I’m with you. I contacted ATI for any response about the poor performance in OpenGL games and they suggested to me to test DirectX games because the people who bought this integrated systems don’t care about ‘heavy weight OpenGL games’.

    The worst thing is that I figured of this problem when tested Prey and Chronicles of Riddick with the new AMD 690G chipset, which is a lot powerful than the RS485M (Radeon Xpress 200M)… and it sucked too in OpenGL. DirectX games work great with this chipset (it’s very far from NVIDIA integrated chipsets, about twice the performance), but OpenGL games didn’t work or sucked impressively. A real shame.

  4. Michael says:

    It’s always been a pain for me when I run into something that uses OpenGL. Doom 3 ran around 5 fps, Fear ran at around 25-30fps.
    Now that I’m developing programs with an interface that used OpenGL, i’m in dire need of getting this slow down fixed.

  5. Donald says:

    I have the chipset on a Pavilion 5215 laptop and I can run OpenGL games just fine. I run Doom3 at 1280X800 and get playable fps. I use the Omega 6.8 catalyst drivers.

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