My Radeon Xpress 200m ordeal

 Here is my story.

Back in November of 2005 I bought a HP zv6270us laptop. A truly awesome machine. Athlon64 3500+, 1Gig ram, 100GB of HDD space, built-in everything but the kitchen sink, and a ATI mobility radeon xpress 200m with 128MB of dedicated Video memory (this made me salivate if I recall.) A friend of mine has a laptop with an integrated intel gfx chip, which supposedly is not even 1/2 of what the 200m is and he can play KOTOR1 & 2 just fine. As with everyone else, my laptop plays these games at about 1-2fps. The character models are very distorted (blacked out eyes, real jagged edges)… all in  all, just plays like absolute doodoo. I have tried everything… omega drivers, old drivers, new drivers… nada. Kind of sad actually.
After doing a lot of thorough research and testing to try and get KOTOR1 & 2 to run I finally gave up. I will begin with what it is not before going into what he problem really is. …

 Lucasarts has said that they do not support any gfx chips that use shared memory. I’ve seen people with integrated intel and SiS chips run the KOTOR series fine. They don’t support it… but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Besides, in my particular case I do not have shared memory… its dedicated. But the 200m has the same issue regardless of the type of memory… (I’ve tried both) therefore it is not a shared memory issue.

  The 200m chip is, more or less, an x300 chip with half the pipes. (2 instead of 4 I believe) Even so, while running many directx games it performs at or near what one of my old desktops ran with a 9600SE a couple of years back… which is just slightly better than a 9000. So as a baseline I say the 200m is right at or very near +/- the performance of a 9600SE. A friend of mine played through and beat KOTOR 1 with an old radeon 7200… which is inferior to the 9000 which is in turn inferior to the 9600se/200m. So using that comparison, the 200m should play (at least) KOTOR 1 just fine. By no means am I saying that the 200m is a great chip… but it can impress when tweaked properly. I play WoW and FF11 on it quite frequently and it does fine. So… if it can play games that demand more hardware than KOTOR… it’s not a lack of gfx power on the 200m’s part that is causing this issue either. 

Now you know what it’s not… on to what it IS…
The problem has to do with the driver and it’s (lack of) OpenGL performance. This is 100% a driver issue. The 200m handles most directx games just fine. But it has very VERY piss poor OpenGL performance. There are several OpenGL games besides the KOTOR series that run at the same 1-3fps. Adobe After Effects is unusable with this card when you use the OpenGL interface… so are many other gfx related apps as well. This chip cimply chokes hard on anything that uses OpenGL. Unfortunately, the Omega drivers do not address OpenGL related issues on the 200m so the ONLY way this gets fixed is if ATI fixes this issue by fixing the drivers to properly support OpenGL on these chips…. …However, ATI does not officially support this gfx chip on their website. The newest Catalyst drivers do not support the 200m, nor do the IGP drivers support this either. The offical word from ATI is to contact the system manufacturer for updated drivers… which in my case the last update was 12/2005… which puts me somewhere near S-O-L. As most people who buy laptops know, manufacturers sunset their products so fast driver updates are rarely available other than the ones that were originally available with the system. It puzzles me to think that ATI has effectively turned their back on this chip. Brand new laptops (I saw an ad for a new Asus brand with a Turion64 X2 due out very soon) are being built with these chips. There are a lot of these chips out on the market, and more are being sold everyday… but yet ATI refuses to support it.

To that I say WTF… it makes no sense. 

So there you have it. Driver issue + No driver support through ATI = we be f***d  

There are a few alternatives though. You could attempt to find newer drivers for this chip through various manufacturer’s websites. Asus, MSI… more or less any manufacturer that uses A64/200m combinations. You could get lucky… although so far I haven’t… but yet again I really haven’t looked too much. I have also heard rumors (although unconfirmed) that notebooks that use A64 chips (HPs especially) that run the performance crippled ddr333, notice a quite substancial improvement in gfx performance with the 200m by switching the memory to ddr400… if your notebook mobo supports it. Whether this would help with KOTOR or not… I do not know. I have some laptop parts on order (1gig ddr400 and a 7200rpm drive) and although I did not order these parts to fix this issue specifically… if it does help I will update this post.


71 Responses to My Radeon Xpress 200m ordeal

  1. Kevin Hoffman says:

    I have an eMachine desktop with the RADEON XPRESS 200 and I too am having the slow framerate issues that you have mentioned. As you requested in your research article of August 8, here is my chip info:

  2. Same problem says:

    I too have this card, and KOTOR runs worse that any other game on my computer. I have run WoW, Rise of Nations, Empire at War, and many other games that have more demanding graphics than KOTOR! Any news on the way to fix this??

  3. David Holm says:

    I have an HP Pavilion zv6148EA with an XPRESS 200M (5955). I’m having exactly the same issues described here but in Linux with ATIs official drivers. Since Linux/Xorg relies solely on OpenGL for 3D acceleration not a day goes by that I don’t curse HP for not trying to resolve this issue. Another problem with it is that the PCI device _always_ reports that it has 256MB RAM no matter what you set the BIOS to. I guess HPs windows driver has been hacked to detect the actual amount of RAM some other way but if you use ATIs drivers which rely on the device correctly reporting this you must attach 128MB of UMA + 128MB sideport otherwise your machine will hardlock.
    One thing is for certain, I’m never buying an HP computer again. There is an issue open about this in ATIs bugzilla but I’m not so sure it’s ATI that messed up after reading your findings.
    If you need help in any way against HP let me know but it’s going to be an uphill battle, especially in my case since I’m not running Windows.

    BIOS_CREATION_DATE=”2005/03/03 10:10″
    BIOS_MSG=”RS480M- TEST BIOS 300/14 BR11833″
    BIOS_KIT_VERSION=”BK-ATI VER008.025I.004.000″

  4. hugo says:

    i used to have a laptop with that graphics card
    and had no prob with it but then the laptop brok
    and the store gave me an upgrade cus i bought
    the warenty and the one they gave me had
    ati radon xpress 1100 with up to 256mb video mem

  5. Chad says:

    I’ve got a toshiba equium with this card. I run Linux and windows, it’s the most frustrating piece of hardware i have ever owned.

  6. Oskar says:

    guys, i´ve got a hp dv8000 series with a AMD turion64 runnig at 2.2Gz 1024 RAM with this crappy card ( ati radeon xpress 200M) and i cannot play any game properly. i´ve got 20 miserable fps in call of duty2 with all the settings at minimun possible. i used to play at the same game with an old intel based laptop but with a geforce grafics card and i never had this problem. i tried everything to fix the problem but nothing. its just that card is shit.

  7. aleen says:

    I’ve installed call of duty 2 quite recently …..every things dead slow !
    Is there ne way to update the drivers ?
    I’ve got a
    AMD turion x2
    2 gig RAM
    128 MB radeon xpress 200M

  8. Michael says:

    This looks like Catalyst 6.11 for the Xpress 200 series:
    I’m going to give these drivers a try, but it looks like they were updated Nov 15, 2006.

  9. TA says:

    hey Michael did you have any luck with the Catalyst 6.11 drivers? I’m thinking about updating mine.

  10. Daniel says:

    looks like they got new catalyst drivers for the 200 series updated Dec, 13, 2006
    might want to give these a try.

  11. andrew says:

    I tried those new drivers and they improved the performance slightly, but the game is still unplayable. I tried tweaking some of the settings, but to be completely honest i don’t know that much about what i’m doing… all i know is that this really pisses me off, and i really would like to play this game since i’m bored as hell.

  12. Xavier says:

    Yep same for me…. cant play call of duty jut got sims 2 and it dont run great either… however EQ2 runs fine. someone PLEASE come up with a fix

  13. Pete says:

    I’m looking to buy this laptop soon:
    HP Compaq B1916TU

    Mostly for portability but I would like to run linux and windows in a multiboot setup.

    Are the problems with the ATI Radeon Xpress 200M in anything other than games? I understand that certain linux xwindows configs use opengl for acceleration?

    Would anyone know of other brand/model laptops of similar size, power and weight with all the same or similar features that would be similar to this laptop?

  14. Luke says:

    Just bought a Gateway with the Xpress 200m in it. Still waitin’ on it to be delivery so I can really mess with it, but I bought the laptop for the price and portability, not for hardcore gaming (that’s what my desktop is for).

    Pete (and others)

    ATI chipsets have always been more for watching movies and so such than gaming. Any serious hardware guru will tell you that ATI chips don’t run as good as NVIDIA when it comes to gaming. ATI chose the course (we think anyways) to let NVIDIA lead the gaming graphics arena and they’d lead the movie watching arena. Just a word to the wise when choosing graphics cards later in the future.

    Having said that, some ATI lovers will post-slay me for having said that 🙂

  15. Daniel Crickmore says:

    I’ve got a Toshiba Satellite L25 – 1194, Intel Celeron M 1.4 Ghz ranked at 1.68, 1024 MB Ram, and the notorious ATI Radeon Xpress 200M. It runs most of my games (First Decade, Empire at War, and 2142 (barely)). Just like everyone else, KOTOR does not work worth crap. Also, BZ Flag is unplayable too. I’ve downloaded all the display drivers I could find on the Toshiba support site the most recent being dated 09-20-05, and none of them have helped. The only thing I haven’t done is download the Catalyst drivers from ATI. I run only Windows on my machine. I love my computer but this graphics card performance is so unpredictable I don’t know what to do. Ugh. Curse you ATI!

  16. yumanoid says:

    i have acer travelmate 4401 with this gfx chip. im playing WoW daily on it. i have both winXP x86 and winXP x64 instalations on it. mostyl i am logged in x64. after recent patches to WoW and changing my catalyst driver to 7.1, the latest official, my WoW started behaving weirdly: one minute im playing fine, then all slows down to half-speed and im watching it matrix-style 🙂 it stays like this for a minute, then it gets back to normal speed. for a minute… and again and again… 🙂 the lag comes when the cooler fan inside the laptop increases its rpm, and when fan slows down again, gfx returns to full speed…
    i remember seeing this behavior long time ago when i was playing old Deus Ex on the very same machine. but i haven’t seen WoW doing this ever before, and ive been playing WoW for more than a year. when i log to x86 XP, i launch the same WoW installation, i dont have this lag. i don’t think its the game. it must be ati gfx driver or south-bridge driver or both 🙂
    heh recently i installed Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. same effect on both versions of WinXP: im playing it at half speed or less. only rarely, for 2 or 3 seconds i see the game switching to full speed.
    does anyone know this issue/have a solution?

  17. ulukaj says:

    I am too a “proud” owner of a laptop witch radeon xpress 200m.It is a toshiba satellite L3-115.It has 256 ddr2@533mhz.System responsiveness is …ssssssssllllllooooooowwww.I can`t change display refresh rate to higher frequencies as listed in manual that comes with the laptop.They`re not even listed.
    I decided to install linux on it.The only thing that the ati linux driver does is adjust the display resolution.Apps using opengl dont run or run chokily.I guess i`m lucky i didn`t buy it for gaming…
    I`m very frustrated.When you buy something you want it to live up to its description.And what do i get ?A hardware that is bound to an os not of my choice.Poor performance.POOR SUPPORT.I just can`t get this.You put mediocre product on the market and fool people
    to buy it,to use it with their hardware.By making a few bucks out of a bad egg the idiots at ati made me their enemy…I will never buy an ati product again no matter what others say.I`ll give my opinion always in favor of other products.This is simply not the way you do business…idiots

  18. Stevo says:

    I looked at forums and people say the X1100 is a betweener of 200m and X300
    so i figure i post one here too….lol
    got a laptop with these specs
    Sempron 64 3400+
    1gb DDR533 (2X512)
    X1100 Chipset

    It doesnt play call of duty very well plays horrible very laggy… but can i play like everquest,WOW, CS:S, and maybe the older battfields like vietnam… and maybe some stratgy games… this laptop is mainly for work use but i figure i can play some at work in the little time i have to keep my self busy when i get bored lol…. and yes i play eq alot 🙂
    75 shadowknight all the way baby!

  19. Adrian says:

    hehe, I’ve got a laptop with 2GB Ram and ATI MOBILITY RADEON Xpress 200 Series card and so on. I have the same bloody problem with Kotor 2, and I nearly freaked at this big peace of plastic today, I was realy close to smash it. I might have mised it but is there any thing I can do to be able to play Kotor. I really like the kotor games.

  20. Prasys says:

    Finally , whoopie KoTor 2 works on X200…This is how…You need to update to vista and grab the drivers…Then , KoTor 1/2 works..I am getting around 19-25fps for KoTor 1/2 – High – 1024×768…It runs pretty good

  21. Tom says:

    I have an ati xpress 200m graphics card and i cant even run grand theft auto san andreas on it. when i get to the loading bar it stops halfway and its really pissing me off. they say i need new driver updates. any suggestions of where i can get these. thanks

  22. James says:

    I recently picked up a Gateway laptop with the xpress 200m in it. I don’t do much gaming so I don’t pay much attention to the chipset in the laptops I’ve had / have. This is the first time I’ve ever needed to search for video driver updates for a laptop. Frankly I’m surprised they let it get out the door with these issues.

  23. DKsJUnkie says:

    Go into your bios.. set your bios grafik only to sideport, then your open gl will work..

    its a windows error when its says that you got 256 mb ram.. look into bios and you will know what you got..

    sorry for my poor english i’m dansih…

  24. Adaon says:

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A135 Series Laptop with the ATI Radeon Xpress 200M video card…..and to tell you how many times the thing died in the middle of a game of Frozen Throne of all things, set to the lowest video demands…..can’t begin to tell you, after rolling back to older and older drivers, at the suggestion of my friend, using Omega Drivers, and such, the thing handles like a drunk driver on New Years, sometimes it runs straight, more often than not it crashes. Have to let it sit for about half an hour before I can even reboot the stupid thing.

  25. Danneh says:

    I have a Packard Bell W3301 Laptop and it’s been fine, up until I’ve tried to install Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, then as soon as it starts, the entire screen goes blue with occasional flashing white dashes. Heck, this might not be down to the graphics card but I’m assuming so, since it isn’t supported by the game. Is there any way to fix this? Hopefully without paying, as I’m pretty skint right now.

  26. Danneh says:

    Whoops forgot to mention mine too is an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m

  27. reemax says:

    don’t buy xpress 200m at any point even if somebody is threatening you with the gun.
    I don’t really care about gaming but when because of the buggy hardware nobody can write dri support for linux (which prevents using any glx ports).Thet wouldn’t be the greatest problem but then ati/amd just don’t care maintaining their closed source driver which has to be patched even to load and if so it doesn’t deliver satisfactory performance.
    So considering everything ati is crap for linux, ati + xpress 200m = is nightmare for linux
    Next time you buy a laptop go for intel which has great open source driver.

  28. reemax says:

    Don’t buy xpress 200m at any point even if somebody is threatening you with the gun. =]
    I don’t really care about gaming but when because of the buggy hardware nobody can write dri support for linux (which prevents using any glx ports).Thet wouldn’t be the greatest problem but then ati/amd just don’t care maintaining their closed source driver which has to be patched even to load and if so it doesn’t deliver satisfactory performance.
    So considering everything ati is crap for linux, ati + xpress 200m = is nightmare for linux
    Next time you buy a laptop go for intel which has great open source driver.
    But for now try complaining to ati, maybe they’ll hear smth

  29. Dave says:

    Danneh: I had the same problem. The fix? Update the drivers and shut down Daemon Tools (or Alcohol 120)…

  30. enzo1291 says:

    I have the same problem, and you are the fisrt with the same problem, that i know.
    but that site of ati radeon is really confusing.
    what is the exact URL of the driver update?

  31. SpAcE126 says:

    I have a HP laptop with the Radeon 200M. I can run any games from the BF series, FEAR and other pretty demanding games without any issues, but when I try to run CoD2 it just won’t work. The thing is lagging and I have all the settings to the lowest level possible, my CoD game is looking better then CoD2 and the thing has the same freaking problem. Does anyone maybe know a fix or a quick patch to fix this thing?

  32. Quark says:

    Where is the driver for radeon xpress200m? do you mean the catalyast driver? i installed it and the same thing happened.

    As for daemon tools, how do you turn it OFF?


  33. Ian... says:

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 with the Xpress 200m. I didn’t buy it for gaming, but like to play things occasionally. I also took a run at Linux on it. After some significant frustration I had Mandriva Powerpack Spring 2007 running on it, but performance (in large part related to the 200m trying to do things it apparently just doesn’t want to do) was not good. I’m back to Vista only on it now. I’d like to run Second Life, but that seems to be a no go. Frustrating card, ditto what everyone has said about an outstanding lack of support. I will avoid ATI in the future.

  34. Z says:

    just got a new gateway thats running vista and an x200m series ATI. im trying to get Second Life to work but it doesnt list it as a supported graphics card. i cant seem to understand why, as i would think it would support it fine? anybody know how to make second life work on a gateway running vista and an x200, as far as maybe finding a place to download a driver to make it work? please lemme know, its bugging me.

  35. Martin Brown says:

    I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo laptop with the Xpress 200m. Games would go slow,quick,slow,quick. Turning the fan to ‘silent mode’ cures this.

  36. fimpen says:

    I just bought this Fujitsu Siemens Amilo pa1510 and noticed a very strange thing.
    When first delivered it had theese specs:

    AMD Turion64 x2
    ATI Radeon x1100 with 256mb memory
    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Anyway i installed deamon tools and the computer went into a circle of rebooting after bsod everytime so i did a complete format and installed the things from scratch.
    Now here is the funny part, after installing the newest drivers and updating my windows my system specs are theese:

    AMD Turion64 x2
    ATI Radeon express 200m
    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Now where did that x200m come from?
    Also i would like to say that i am to running into open gl problems with this card but i can play medal of honour on it (but the lap gets really hot after 10 minuts)

    So i guess the truth is that x1100 IS infact a rebuild (software controlled?) x200m..

    Like someone else said tho, movies play extremly well on this card so it´s not a total waist if you are a movieholic like myself 🙂
    Hope i have written anything that might help others with this x200m mystery 🙂

  37. fimpen says:

    Also i cant go into my bios and change my grafix to sideport like DKsJunkie said, i cant change anything about my grafix, now im really going to bed 🙂

  38. aurelien says:

    I have the same problem as Dave, Danneh, enzo…
    I can’t run Command and Conquer 3. My graphic card is the ATI Radeon Xpress 200m.
    I have download drivers and Catalyst center and i have turned off Daemon tools but there is the same problem.
    Could you help me please ?

    Thank you very much.

  39. Zach Gutshall says:

    HEY AURELIEN ….i have a xpress 200m in my desktop too….right now im downloading the newest driver set for the x300 …im thinking that might work…the link is but ive had most of my luck turning antialising OFF and shadows of any kind OFF….that helps =/ damn video card had me thinking it was as fast as the 256MB video cards… =(

  40. Tim Joosten says:

    I have a Compaq Presaio M2000z AMD Sempron Mobile 1.8 ghz 768mb (128 is on graphics card ram) ati radeon xpres200m and i have drivers which works fantastically in windows xp but they aren’t compatible on windows vista. If anyone wants the xp drivers i can email them to anyone, it is 33.3 mb but i have to send it as a compressed file

  41. Enthralled says:

    Have a look at DH mobility modder, It allows you to install current ATI drivers and contol panel for use with the Xpress 200m as well as many more ATI laptop cards. It also seems as if it is the OEM manufacturers to blame for lack of support and not ATI. It seems that ATI has to have permission by a laptop manufacturer to include their device in the latest driver release and as of yet not one has given permission for Vista driver releases.

  42. Christian says:

    I have a Aser 5100 with this crappy card.
    I used to play WOW no problem, I formated once and everything changed. Now when I play it runs fine than slows down for 10 secs than repeats this process. I’ve tried the new omegas the new catalysts and it;s still the same issue.

    Help, I noticed that someone said to turn the fan low, this would make sence cause it seems to just lag when the fan comes on, but how do I do this. I dont believe this is a driver isssue. I think it has something to do with hardware.

  43. Christian says:

    Alright guys fixed the problem.
    I had to open up my unit and clean out the fan and the heat syncs. There was so much dust in there it was basicaly clogged, the reason it slows down and starts up again tha nrepeats is that it lowers the cpu speeds to compinsate for the over heating,
    This completely fixed the problem

  44. Ivan says:

    Well after reading all these post i just realized that the only thing i could do is to kill myself or smash my lap top. I have Fujitsu siemens amilo li1718 with 2 Gb of ram, Core Duo @ 1.86 and that magic ati radeon xpress 200m. The thing is when i play WOW everything is fine for a few minutes then everything freeze a blue scren pops up and the computer restarts. Since most of you guys played WOW without problems do you know what might be the solution? I ve downloaded the latest catalyst but it doesnt help. The os is windows vista home basic. THX

  45. kotj101 says:

    I shit on ATI’s grave…. I’ll never buy anything with ati ever again!

  46. I have a game called solider of fortune test demo and it dous ent work it keeps on saying i need a 3dfxvoodoo rush or a voodoo 2 or a voodoo 3D accelerator and i dont no what to do or y it dous not let me play the game if some one know how i can solv this problems please let me know by going to or add me on msn

  47. it is highly unlikely that a correct windowed display can
    be initialized with the current desktop display depth select
    OK to try anyway Press Cancel if you have a 3Dfxvoodoo voodoo
    -2 or Voodoo Rush 3D accelerator insalled or if you otherwise
    wish to quit. how can i solv this problem…….

  48. Justin says:

    i have the same card…pissing me off…

  49. Duane says:


    The driver update does not include the 200M chipset. So, we are all still S-O-L. Can’t even upgrade the video card in my laptop, so I will have to get a new laptop to be able to run ArcGIS. Not a game, just a run-of-the-mill GIS application. I know my new laptop will not have an ATI card in it!

  50. Dave says:

    I have the same problem, cant play some lucasarts games (ie. knights of the old republic 1 and 2) I also play c&c rengade online and my fps is crap for the most part (also could be that i have low RAM )…i have a hp media center PC, MS Windows XP SP2, AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+…i wish to upgrade my video card but i am not sure what to buy :/…any help on which kind of video card that i can upgrade to would be great

  51. marcel says:

    It’s really too bad that ATI is not following the hundreds of threads regarding their video card problems. I have the infamous xpress 200m card in my lappy, it has been nothing but trouble in windows and linux! I think the marketing for this card is very misleading. They advertize it as a serious contender, and it could/should have been. I’ve had better results with an old PCI card!! Gee wiz ATi get your act together. I wonder if the partnering with AMD will give them more ressources to tackle these issues because if not ATI will crash and burn. I garauntee you my next CPU or GPU purchase will not be ATI/AMD. Sorry guys you forgot about the end users again! OPEN SOURCE YOUR DRIVERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!! IF ATI won’t do the work i’m sure someone in the community will step up. /rant

  52. Matt says:

    Yes, i once had this problem with my graphics card too…then i finally said fuck it, and started the overclocking process. my card wasn’t even running at the clock speed, so i got better performance, but nothing to shout about. FEAR, Halo, and Need for speed Underground 2 work pretty much flawlessly now, HALO 2 went from skipping it’s ass off to now only a skip every 2-3 minutes! im still not very much impressed though, i have my desktop w/a nVidia 6200SE 256 card and it plays everything perfectly. I’m currently working on an external Graphics card for this HP Laptop…it will plug in through the PCI card slot…and ive already started working on the wiring from the monitor to hook it up through….im telling you all this 512mb ATI card is going to be awesome… 😀

  53. Pac says:

    Same problem… Great chip in everything EXCEPT OpenGL – which greatly limits my gameplaying experience 😦

  54. shawn herman says:

    Hey well I usually don’t reply to shit like this and obviously you guys are flustered. But I did find a way to use the latest 7.12 Catalyst drivers on this chip in my Gateway MT3705 Laptop.

    goto this website

    and read about it this is exactly what I did even allowed me to adjust the shared mem from 128mb to 512mb

    Have fun guys,

    hope this help you.

  55. Hate HP and ATI says:

    I also have the ATI Radeon X200 and I hate it so much! I will never ever again buy anything with “ATI” on it. Ever. It wont hurt them much but its the only way I can hurt them, and by showing the middle finger.

  56. pinky says:

    Got a HP nx6125 with the ATI Mobility Radeon Express 200 and experienced the same problems with all OpenGl games I tried (including KOTOR & KOTOR2).
    Downloaded newest Catalyst Suite (vers. 8.1) today, tried KOTOR again and it seems that they have SOLVED the problems.

    Hope that helps,
    have fun playing

  57. Platinum Source says:

    I have been having the same problem as everyone else for some time involving KOTORII. I have a HP dv8000 with the ATI Radeon xpress 200 and 2gigs of RAM. I was previously using Catalyst 7.1 (I think) to no avail. I just updated to 8.2 this evening and now the game runs just fine. I wouldn’t use max settings, but it is certainly playable now. I could try messing with the settings more, but for the record, I changed the OpenGL settings in Catalyst to force Triple Buffering and 24-bit Z-Buffer depth. I guess that ATI finally took the hint and fixed the OpenGL issues.

    In any case, good luck to everyone else out there trying to get it working.

  58. student of software engineering says:

    get the same problem with the fujitsu siemens laptop (200m, too) of my friend.. but it was the same with high and low grafics…

    i watched the cpu usage…
    in game it was 100% – the whole time…
    (1,79GHz CPU – single core)
    but i know that the game runs with less than 1GHz…
    (also Battlefield Vietnam – OpenGL game)

    than i looked at the cpu speed. it was at ~700MHz…
    so i am sure the problem is the dynamic cpu speed!!

    but i am still searching the solution to this…
    if i don’t write again – it was the dyn speed thing…

  59. Daniel says:

    Ok, so after hours upon hours of research and tinkering around, I updated my ATI software and drivers to the 8.12 package. I started KOTOR and noticed immediately that the menu was functional and not laggy! Yeah!!!

    HOWEVER……..I have encountered I new bug that I cannot make heads or tails of. In the game and in the menu, the environment is fine, BUT all the people are dismembered! Their just a bunch of body parts in the air in random arrangements. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. Does anybody have any adivce? I’m truly at a loss on this one. Thanks!

  60. Thanoshld says:

    So has the problem with the ATi Radeon Xpress 200m Series been solved?Is that 8.12 package that Daniel refers to, any good at all?And if yes where can i find them?
    And btw, i have this lagging problems with movies too.Every time i see a movie on WinMediaPlayer,winCenter,Gomplayer they lagg like hell!Only when i watch them on VLC they go smooth.

  61. Patrick Schoettmer says:

    I’ve had the disembodied heads problem with the 8.12 driver and the lag with the earlier drivers. So, what I decided to do was to uninstall my drivers, sit down, and install every older driver they had, to see if there was a noticeable difference. The solution is, simply, to go to a 8.1 driver. When I hit 8.1, voila!, problem solved.

    I found the driver here:

    I know how irritating the disembodied head problem is- even though the game is playable that way, you still like you’re missing something talking to an X with eyes and floating pairs of teeth and randomly scanning the horizon trying to find targetable enemies. Because of that, and because I finally figured out the solution because of reading the comments above carefully, I just wanted to put the info here for others to be able to share in.


  62. Ambuj says:

    And How do we exactly install the drivers?

  63. ken says:

    Hi, have you really seen people running kotor using a SiS chipset? I have a Sism661mx with last drivers but the game doesn’t run please can you tell me how can I do? Do you know if I can use OpenGl applications? Thank you

  64. […] My Radeon Xpress 200m ordeal « The Xpress 200m and its OpenGL problems […]

  65. ragedookie says:

    I have been guilty of not visiting my own blog for a very very long time. But I can say that even as of today, nearly 3 years since my original post, the Xpress 200m is utterly incapable of playing any sort of OpenGL games. I still have a laptop with this chipset (I use it as a DNS/DHCP server these days) but I have still occasionally tried to get OpenGL apps such as KOTOR to work. As of this day… sadly not. I have even worked with KillerSneak of DNA drivers to no avail. I am convinced that this is a dead horse at this point… since ATI/AMD has clearly moved on. (ps… my current laptop runs a dedicated HD3400)

  66. […] My Radeon Xpress 200m ordeal « The Xpress 200m and its OpenGL problems […]

  67. corey says:

    I had problems too but i managed to find a 3rd party driver that seems to work ok. Google radeon omega drivers and check it out.

  68. under says:

    ASUS and Toshiba are both very popular companies in the North American laptop market. Conclusion Its quality isn’t the greatest, but at the price, the i3 core and dedicated GPU has amazing value.

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